Takana: live edit Sass and LESS.

Build faster.
View styles live in your browser.

Takana lets you see your Sass, LESS and CSS style changes live, in the browser. Less time checking, more time hacking.

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Who uses Takana?

Web developers

Be rapid. Time spent trouble-shooting a design implementation is time that could be spent on developing. Cut this out of your work flow with takana.

“If you’re not using takana, you’re wasting your time.” @ChristianBundy


Be flexible. Sketch your ideas out in code. Focus on getting your point across in front of your team.

“Okay, Takana is freaking awesome!” @_joshnh

Product, UI and web design

Be visual. Stop guessing what your css and sass rules are doing. Get real feedback, in real time. Every line you write shows an affect you can see and change.

“Perfect tool for prototyping or designing in browser.” @mlesniowski